Growing Cocoa - Origins, Conditions & Breeds

The genus Theobroma originated millions of years ago in South America, to the east of the Andes. Theobroma has been divided into twenty-two species of which T. cacao is the most widely known. It was the Maya who provided tangible evidence of cacao as a dome....

Harvesting Fermentation & Drying of Cocoa

Pods containing cocoa beans grow from the trunk and branches of the cocoa tree. Harvesting involves removing ripe pods from the trees and opening them to extract the wet beans. The pods are harvested manually by making a clean cut through the stalk with a w....

14 Steps in Making Chocolate from Cocoa

Step 1: The cocoa beans are cleaned to remove all extraneous material.

Step 2: To bring out the chocolate flavour and colour, the beans are roasted. The temperature, time and degree of moisture involved in roasting ....

Cocoa Trading, Warehousing, Grading, Shipping and Futures Contracts

When discussing cocoa trading, a clear distinction has to be made between the actual or physical markets and the futures or terminal markets. Nearly all cocoa coming from origin countries is sold through the physical market. The physical market involves the....

The World's Chocolate Industry, Organic and Fair trade

List of the top 100 global confectionery companies is known ranking according to net sales.
The table below is an extract from this list, giving the top ten global confectionery companies that manufacture some form of chocolate, by net confectionery ....

Fair Trade cocoa and chocolate

Fair Trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing their rights of, disadvantag....

Organic cocoa and chocolate

The organic cocoa market represents a very small share of the total cocoa market, estimated at less than 0.5% of total production. ICCO estimates production of certified organic cocoa at 15,500 tonnes, sourced from the following countries: Madagascar, Tanza....

Health & Nutrition of Cocoa and Cocoa Products

In the past, chocolate has been appreciated as a high-calorie food to boost energy, for example for athletes and soldiers. Recently, more and more research has been conducted on the health and nutritional attributes of cocoa and chocolate. Research findings....

Cocoa Diseases & Pests

Cocoa is affected by a range of pests and diseases, with some estimates putting losses as high as 30% to 40% of global production.

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