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Every responsible property owner is probably susceptible to worry and anguish when there is a cause to believe his/hers valuable is being misappropriated. Nothing compares to the heart-wrenching experience of discovering that a valuable is lost. The situation calls for additional assistance from the police or private investigators and involves a lot of investment in terms of time, money and energy.

The current modern Information Technology (IT) dispensation gives no room for worry about one’s goods in transit being misapproiated or worse being lost. Numerous technologies are in place to solve such security and checking conditions but the most accurate and current tracking system is with Global Positioning System (GPS).

How Does the GPS Tracking Devices Work?

The Global Positioning System is a satellite-based navigation system, called GPS globally. They come with trackers that can be integrated within a subscription service made up of a network of satellites/GSM. The positions in orbit provide access to special satellite coded signals. The tracker comes with a built-in sensor that tracks motion and gives you a clear lead to the location of targeted tracking material like tracks carrying cocoa. The tracking device acts like a locator. The tracker is usually attached to dynamic object or even rarely to a static object. The mechanism is battery powered and can be as covert as you want it to be. For optimal performance of GPS tracking systems, most companies incorporate existing and emerging technologies like GSM/GPRS, Satellite/GPRS and Google Maps. These systems are managed via radio frequency and satellite radio technology

All modern tracking technologies does not comes short of friendly web based application/interface, to customer with secured access, to monitor their tracking object and to generate various kinds of reports to analyse data. After installation, the tracking object will show up on a digital map and track-able online with the help of Google maps. 


The benefits of tracking devices are numerous to enumerate. The rest of the article will find out its benefit to the cocoa industry and CMC at large. CMC needs to think outside the box of seeing the Cocoa quality base on only the well-known three factors: bean quality and size, fat content, and flavour.

CMC can add more premiums by making a name from another emerging factor of traceability. Traceability is one of the leading marketing tools in the supply of all cash crops and support for marking, identification purposes. The major benefit is to enable the tracing of each cocoa sack (or part sack) of cocoa back to the individual grower or farmer.


Traceability can be defined as the ability to identify the origin of food inputs, through all stages of production, processing and distribution. The framework on traceability has been constructed since 1994 with it definition as the ability for the retrieval of the history and use or location of an article or an activity through a registered identification (ISO 8402, 1994).All the standards have already been set and I believe is time for the country to embrace this standard.Well-established traceability and tracking systems should not fall short to communicate and making information available along the supply chain.

The modern cocoa buyer wants to be able to know the origin and cocoa beans processing routs. With good tracking system in place, each cocoa bean and sack in the country could be graded with accompanying salient information like the beans source and routing process until it gets to its final destination abroad. The above process if carried out well will have some of the under-listed benefits to the Ghanaian cocoa industry in the country and also increase Ghana cocoa beans premium which under treat from all cocoa producing countries meeting all the three cocoa quality factors.

These benefits include;

   It ensures that the cocoa products pass through approved designated route by allowing you to strict monitoring of cocoa.

  Generating of system notification when the tracking cocoa products leaves the allowed.

  Location referencing based on your points of interest

  Location performance based on location monitoring and analysis (e.g. which locations are cocoa products spending a lot of time, which location is a bottleneck for operations?)

  Prevention of cocoa theft by transporters and workers at large.

  “Street View” capability allows you to get a better idea of where your cocoa products are with recent location photos and live movements through Google earth.

  Inefficient routing practices of the movement of cocoa beans will be a thing of the past with GPS tracking services.

Form the enumerated merit that comes with traceability and tracking is a high time CMC take charge of this viable standard to maintain Ghana cocoa beans world over. Fortunately for CMC we have a sister Company, Cocoa Swollen Short Virus disease control unit, CSSVDCU which has a state of the art GIS unit, which can be of great help for us to increase our cocoa premium which is under treat.


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